PPI Claims on behalf of a deceased consumer

As the PPI Scandal draws to a close with the looming deadline of August 2019 there are still billions of pounds due to millions of claimants.

However, not everyone realises that an executor or administrator of an estate can claim for mis-sold PPI and secret commission on their behalf. We recommend that if you are an Executor or Administrator dealing with a deceased person’s estate, it’s advisable to check for mis-sold PPI or any credit or loan. Our specialist PPI team are used to looking into the financial affairs of the deceased and communicating with the banks or financial institutions that the deceased had dealings with.

There is no guarantee that a claim will result in compensation, but given the scale and size of the mis-selling, checking is relatively easy. All you need is the Certificate of Death and Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration to show the bank you are entitled to make the claim on behalf of the estate.

The process is the same as with PPI claims for consumers who are still alive apart from the fact that the deceased is unable to answer the standard mis-selling questions. Instead, a checklist against prescribed requirements is applied to the case and if there is non-compliance the banks will typically find mis-selling and offer compensation.

The compensation goes to the estate of the deceased for distribution either in accordance with the Will or the rules of intestacy where there was no will.

MoneybackPPI have undertaken many claims on behalf of deceased claimants and continue to deliver claims management services to consumers entitled to recover compensation. Remember, where a PPI policyholder has died, any compensation owed forms part of the estate. The person who inherits is entitled to reclaim but the executor – the person appointed to carry out the wishes expressed in the will or under intestacy – is the legal representative who should be involved as they are under a legal duty. It’s also worth noting that there may be problems proving what happened at the time of the sale of the PPI if only the policyholder was present.

If you are the beneficiary or administrator of an estate and you are not sure whether the deceased had PPI then as long as you have the death certificate and letter of administration to prove you are the administrator then you can make a claim on behalf of the estate. These claims are no slower or faster than other claims, but as the deadline approaches and billions remain unclaimed, it’s time to start that claim, just fill in the form to request a pack…