Can I Take Out A PPI Claim From 20 Years Ago?

If you’re reading this very piece, you are probably asking yourself “How far back can a PPI claim go?” and the answer may surprise you.

While it’s often difficult to find existing records of loans or credit taken out over 20 years ago, the age of a PPI claim may not necessarily mean you won’t be successful. If you have the paperwork on hand to provide the necessary details where needed that would be helpful. If not we can write to bank/institution requesting details of your account/s and any associated PPI. Banks and institutions are required to keep data for 6yrs from the closing date of an account, however most have their own policy in place and can potentially trace back 20-30 years.


If the company is no longer trading with the right assistance and guidance, it is still possible to make a claim. While the length of a PPI claim may be slightly higher in these cases, the Financial Services Compensation Scheme may still be able to provide financial compensation in cases where the company is no longer in business.

How Far Back Can A PPI Claim Go?

When questioning ‘how far back can a PPI claim go?’, you’re likely to find many companies suggesting that the age of a PPI claim could devastate your case entirely. While it’s important to consider that some cases may be difficult due to their age, you may still have a strong case regardless of the age of a PPI claim.

The length of a PPI claim may be affected, but here at Money Back PPI, our expert team will dedicate their time and expertise into pushing your claim forward on your behalf. We have a No Win No Fee policy, ensuring that you won’t have to pay a single penny unless you win (cancellation fees may apply please refer to our T&C), after which we will charge one of the lowest commission amounts in the industry.

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