How MoneyBack PPI Can Help Change Your Life


With the deadline for claiming PPI compensation officially looming, there has never been a better time to see if you are owed PPI compensation for a mis-sold policy. The amount of money you could receive from your bank or lender could be a significant and in some cases, even life-changing. Making a claim for compensation is easy, especially with the help from PPI companies that have been designed to help you get the compensation that you are owed. Here at MoneyBack PPI, we can help you to reclaim the money from your lender that is rightfully yours.

How Do I Know If I Have Been Mis-sold PPI?

If you borrowed money or credit between 1990 and 2010, it’s likely that you were mis-sold PPI when you bought your finance agreement. This can include mortgages, loans, credit cards and store cards from your bank/lender, as payment protection insurance was often sold alongside it. However, banks have failed to explain in enough detail just what the PPI policy covered or whether they were truly entitled to claims and so millions of customers were mis-sold PPI and are still owed to this day. Therefore, the chances of you being owed outstanding money are highly likely. With the average PPI compensation amount being around £2,000 per customer, this sum of money could be beneficial to you and help to change your life and as the team here at MoneyBack PPI have a ‘no win, no fee’ policy, you can trust that we will try our utmost to help you reclaim any PPI compensation that you are owed.

How Do I Reclaim PPI?

As the deadline date has been announced as the 29th August 2019, if you are going to reclaim PPI you will need to do so sooner rather than later. To claim your money back, all you need to know is the name of the bank/lender and Moneyback PPI will work hard to find out if you have been mis-sold PPI, to get started please fill out our online form. With the process being so easy and straightforward, you should take a look today and see if MoneyBack PPI is able to help you claim back the money that you deserve.

Do I Have To Pay Any Fees Top Reclaim PPI?

There are some payment protection insurance companies, including MoneyBack PPI, that will only require a tiny percentage of your compensation if you win a claim and get the compensation you are owed. Due to our ‘no win, no fee’ service, we can help you with your claim without putting you and your financial situation at risk. Furthermore, in some cases there are people who have been mis-sold PPI with more than one loan and with the help of MoneyBack PPI, you can make more than one claim and receive even more money back through compensation.

Banks who mis-sold PPI to their customers are paying out hundreds and thousands to the staggering amount of people who they owe compensation to. If you think you may be entitled to PPI compensation, let the team here at MoneyBack PPI help you with your claim. Simply get in touch or fill in our online form, today.