Making a PPI claim

What is PPI?

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) is a form of financial protection. This means that should someone be affected by illness or redundancy, their PPI would be financially supportive. The current issue with PPI is that it wasn’t explained in its entirety to customers, which unfortunately left many people unaware of what they were paying for at the time.

Here at Money Back PPI, making a PPI claim is our soul focus. Unlike some companies that may want payment prior to their service, we ask for no upfront fees and ensure communication with our clients is first-class during the claim. Additionally, we never pass on information to third parties who aren’t involved with the claim. This means that you can relax knowing your information is safe in our hands.


After realising the potential of PPI, many companies sought to improve their sales of this particular cover through mis-selling it to their customers. This was done alongside credit cards, loans and mortgages from as early as the 1990s. If you believe you are entitled to a payment protection insurance claim, we can work with you during this endeavour and improve your chances of obtaining back thousands of pounds.

Can I claim PPI?

“How can I go ahead with making a PPI claim?”

If you find yourself wondering what many customers are struggling to answer, we can offer you support here at Money Back PPI.

The deadline on reclaiming money from mis-sold PPI is drawing near. That is why it is ever so important that, if you want to make a claim, you take action as soon as possible. However, making a claim can be difficult alone. That’s where our professional service comes in.

Who Are Money Back PPI?

Located in the busy London city, we have dedicated our time to helping customers reclaim thousands from mis-sold PPI. We believe we have come up with a simple approach that can help you learn more about claiming PPI and benefit you in the long run.


Our method starts with a simple enquiry. We will not charge you up front. This is an unfortunate circumstance that many people fall in, meaning that they could lose money should their claim be unsuccessful. That is why we offer our support prior to payment to ensure that you don’t use the service for nothing.

During the process of making a PPI claim you will receive emails regarding how the claim is moving forward. For additional peace of mind, you can contact us at anytime should you have concerns about your claim process.

Will I get money back for my miss-sold PPI?

Here at Money Back PPI we offer low-cost support for those who need help obtaining back from PPI that was mis-sold alongside their loan, credit card or mortgage.

We believe you deserve to have stress-free customer service. That is why we offer our services prior to payment to ensure you can have peace of mind knowing you haven’t paid a luxury cost – even if you don’t win a claim.

Claims as far back as the 1990s

PPI had been knowingly mis-sold until c.2010 meaning you can claim back as early as the 2000s and beyond. Not only this, but if you have found yourself unable to find paperwork related to the claim, you can still begin the process with just the names of the banks or lenders.

Begin your claim journey by filling out the simple contact form on our website or giving us a call on 0800 040 7778.

We have been praised for our friendly and professional customer service by numerous clients over the years and hope this is reflected in your experience with our team.

The role of a PPI claims company

If you have been mis-sold PPI, you may be entitled to compensation. As one of the leading PPI claim companies in the UK, we at Money Back PPI can inform you of your next steps and help you reclaim £1,000s on your behalf.

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) was offered as a support for those who were unable to work because of illness or redundancy circumstances. Basically, making a PPI claim was a form of financial ‘protection’. However, many lenders mis-sold PPI to customers because they were trying to boost profit margins and improve commission of the advisers. That is why we offer to help customers reclaim.

We offer our services with no upfront fees. This is to give you peace of mind knowing that we operate prior to your payment for our service. Moreover, we’ll make sure any information you provide us is strictly in our care. The only time we’ll use your information outside of our business is with the companies involved in the claim; never to third parties.

During your time with our service, you’ll receive regular updates to keep you in the loop. If you have any enquiries during this time, you can contact us to find out the progress of your claim.

Making a PPI claim made easy

Making a PPI claim alone can be a hassle if you are uncertain of what to come across. That is why we offer our service to reduce the difficulty of the experience and give you peace of mind knowing we have your claim process covered.

Our staff have had many years’ worth of experience dealing with all sorts of claims; including those dating back to as far as the 1990s and beyond; with the deadline drawing closer, it is essential you’re desire to make a claim is fulfilled before you miss out.

When you choose to use our service, all we need are names of the banks or lenders that mis-sold you the PPI. This will allow us to write to them and begin the process of making a claim enquiry. Moving forward, you’ll receive regular updates regarding your claim at every key stage to keep you involved and allow you to enquire should you have concerns over your claim.

Don’t wait to begin your claim journey today by giving us a call on 0800 040 7778.

We’ll work hard to make sure you are kept informed with our first-class customer service. We’re always looking for new ways to improve and will do all we can to ensure your experience is as stress-free as possible.

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