What If The Company That Mis-sold Me PPI No Longer Exists?

If you believe that you may be owed PPI compensation but the company that you borrowed from has failed, then you may be wondering how to make a PPI claim against a company that no longer exists. Even if there is no company to contact regarding a claim, you may still be successful when making a claim through the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FCSC). This scheme was introduced in 2001 with the purpose of providing compensation assistance to consumers who are unable to obtain help from the financial service that is responsible for the issue. Common issues include cover deposits, insurance policies, investment business, advice and arranging, or mortgage business and insurance intermediation.


In terms of PPI claims, the FSCS are the last-resort call for those who are unable to get the money they are entitled to in any other way. For companies that have failed, the FCSC will pay out 90% of the claim for business conducted on or after 14 January 2005. Due to this, even if the company at fault no longer exists, it is still possible to make a claim.

Here at MoneyBack PPI, we are able to provide assistance when it comes to navigating the claims process with the FCSC.

Making A PPI Claim Against A Company That Is No Longer Active

If you want to make a PPI claim against a company that no longer exists, you must be confident that there is a possibility that you could be eligible for compensation. In general, the mis-selling of any financial service is when it has been sold without the consumer’s knowledge or where insufficient information was given. For PPI policies, this could include:

  • Being sold PPI without your knowledge
  • Being sold PPI without your consent
  • Being sold PPI by your lender with little information regarding the terms of the policy
  • Being sold PPI despite not being eligible to make a claim (e.g. of maximum age or above, unemployed, self employed, mentally ill or with pre-existing conditions)
  • Being misled in the length or duration of your PPI policy

If you believe you fit into one of the above criteria, then you could be eligible for PPI compensation. If you are owed compensation by a company that no longer exists, the FCSC are available as a last resort. When you choose Moneyback PPI, we will guide you through the compensation claim process and utilise our expertise to ensure your experience remains stress-free.

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