Which PPI Claims Company Charges The Least?

Discovering that you were mis-sold PPI can be a devastating ordeal to go through, but you could also find that you’re entitled to quite a hefty payout as compensation. For those unaware of how to put the claim forward, however, it can seem like a confusing mixture of jargon and legal spiel that is impossible to understand which is why, here at Money Back PPI, we want to help you. We put our expertise into your case to help drive it forward and improve the chances of success for your PPI claim. However, with the sheer number of PPI companies available today, the question that remains is this – which PPI claims company charges the least?


When compared to other leading PPI claims companies such as Gladstone Brookes, Brunel Franklin and even PPI.co.uk, our charges are exactly half of them all. Since the UK government introduced a law stating that no PPI claims companies could charge more than 24% PPI claim charge for any clients, most of these companies have set their fees right on that line. With Money Back PPI, however, you’ll have to pay just 12% (10% + Vat) in fees, and a No Win No Fee policy ensures that you won’t pay us a penny if you don’t win your claim (cancellation fees may apply please refer to our T&C).

With a 12% fee (10% + Vat), we are dedicated to providing each of our clients with some of the best service and costs for a PPI claim on the market by charging the least on money that you deserve. So, we’ve answered the question ‘which PPI claims company charges the least?’ but the next question is this: what is the average cost of claiming PPI?

The Average Cost Of Claiming PPI

While it is possible to claim PPI yourself, using a PPI claims company can provide you with assistance right when you need it. We’ll navigate complex paperwork and letters on your behalf, and all for less than the average fees if you win. For most companies, a 24% PPI claim charge is standard and as a result, we’ve decided to charge less.

We believe that you deserve access to the money you are entitled to and as a result, the costs of a PPI claim with us is just 12% fee (10% + Vat),  of your overall compensation winnings. Making a claim with us here at Money Back PPI is as simple as submitting your details to us via our contact form, and we’ll handle it from there! A stress-free claim is right at your fingertips and you could find yourself with a cheque in the post in just a few months. If you don’t have all of the paperwork, we’ll contact your bank or institution too to track down the necessary details for your claim.

Make a claim with Money Back PPI by filling out our claim form, today.